Create a Waypoint – Make a Difference

As our hikers explore loops of hiking trails, they will encounter waypoints along their journey.

Business Owners, Clubs, Artists, Musicians, Not-for-Profits, etc. are invited to create Waypoints (no charge).


Who may host a Waypoint? Just about anyone! Businesses, Clubs, First Responders, Not-for-Profits, and similar may host Waypoints.  Pre-approval is required.  Register HERE to host a Waypoint.

How much does it cost to host a Waypoint?  Nothing.  Your efforts to create an interesting Waypoint that engages hikers are enough.  Continue to build your professional and personal network while raising awareness in a rewarding setting of community service.

What is the format of a Waypoint?  Think outside the box, be creative, and have fun.  Display educational materials, have an interactive game, display artwork, create a “selfie spot” – expect hikers to spend just a few minutes at each Waypoint.  Hikers strongly prefer Waypoints which are hosted by actual people, as oppose to un-manned displays.

What is the subject matter of a Waypoint?  We request that Waypoints further one or more of the following objectives: 1) raising awareness of any issue surrounding Heroin Abuse; 2) encourage empowerment of youth and adults to make healthy choices; 3) celebrate healthy living; 4) celebrate using time in nature as part of being well; 5) simply entertain hikers; or 6) support hikers along the trail, such as handing out water or pre-packaged granola bars, leading yoga stretching, or providing environmental education.

What is available at each Waypoint?  Nothing.  This event is unplugged.  You may bring in whatever you need to set-up a no impact Waypoint.  The Kingwood Township Parks and Recreational has volunteered to assist Waypoint Sponsors by transporting them along the trails using their gator.   Thank you Kingwood Township!  Please be prepared to remove all items brought into the woods. Leave no trace behind.  SET-UP IS AT 9  A.M. – LATE ARRIVALS COMPROMIISE OUR ABILITY TO START ON TIME.

Can I Give Away Flyers and Merchandise?  Yes. You may give away items that will not burden hikers along the trail.  However, we encourage you to provide handouts electronically, by pointing people to online materials.  We will host a page with a map and all handouts beginning with the day of the event and staying up for the following year.

Why is this good for my business, club, or not-for-profit?  All businesses and organizations need to get their name and their message out.  What better way to be seen than to make a difference through community service?  Your business/organization name and logo may be displayed at your Waypoint, seen during publicity of the event, posted on our website, and acknowledged during the event.

Want to sponsor a Waypoint?  Click here to register!

Check out our current and past sponsors!